Dien Bien district promotes investment attraction

Update 12 - 02 - 2023

With the advantages of traffic and soil, approaching the development of the most vibrant economic center in the province, Dien Bien Phu city; Therefore, along with focusing on implementing urban highlight planning, Dien Bien district has been trying to perfect technical infrastructure, promote administrative reform and attract investment to develop production and business; thereby contributing to socio-economic development.

Workers of Vip Macadamia Joint Stock Company take care of macadamia trees.

Dien Bien district has strengthened the leadership role of the Party and State management in attracting investment; focus on propagating for cadres, party members and people to understand the position and importance of attracting investment; strongly improve the investment environment of the district in the direction of openness and convenience for investors. At the same time, organize propaganda, promotion and introduction activities about the district's environment, policies, potentials, opportunities and investment connections. Support organizations, businesses, investors to survey and set up projects in the district. Accelerate investment in social infrastructure works, especially key traffic routes, electricity and water systems, etc., creating favorable conditions for enterprises to develop production and business.

In addition, the district focuses on improving the investment environment, regularly directing professional agencies to guide and help businesses complete investment documents and procedures, land, site clearance, environment; guiding business registration, providing information, investment procedures, list of projects granted investment policy decision... With the motto of accompanying, sharing and supporting investors and businesses , every year the district organizes a public dialogue with the business community, promptly grasps and removes difficulties in a substantive and market-oriented direction; capture the thoughts, aspirations and problems of people and businesses to solve substantively and definitively.

The business investment environment in Dien Bien district is increasingly open, competitiveness is improved and always ranks in the top of the province. The district actively provides information on planning, plans, mechanisms, policies, projects calling for investment, potentials and strengths of regions, regions and localities in the district to investors... Thanks to that, in recent years, the district has always become a destination for corporations and businesses to invest. In 2022, the total cumulative number of cooperatives in the district is 55, an increase of 7 cooperatives compared to 2021, the total registered capital of business is over VND 91 billion. In which, 41 agricultural cooperatives; 3 brocade cooperatives; 4 service business cooperatives; 4 cooperatives built... In 2023, the District People's Committee agreed with the draft content of the investment promotion program of Dien Bien province with 4 projects that have been set up tasks, planning projects and lists by donors. investment attraction project items in Dien Bien province: Project of housing complex, tourist resort, hot mineral lake, Hong Khenh lake; Eco-tourism area, complex resort Hoong Lech; North of Hong Cum New Urban Area project (Dien Bien district)...

Dien Bien is a district with suitable climate and soil conditions for the development of crops and livestock with economic value, such as: Growing flowers and ornamental plants (11.12ha); medicinal plants (19ha). The district's per capita agricultural land area is quite large, with the potential to develop large-scale industrial crops, agro-forestry, and livestock raising. From 2019 to now, in the district, there have been 4 projects of growing macadamia trees approved by the Provincial People's Committee, with a total investment capital of 4,096.159 billion VND, with a total scale of 14,762.74 hectares. By the end of November 2022, the measured area is 4,996.36 ha; measuring area for investors to rent 2,780.81ha; surveying to support the issuance of LURC certificates for people according to the quota of 2,215.55ha. In addition, the implemented project has created jobs for nearly 500 local workers, contributing to accelerating the restructuring of the agricultural sector.

With the goal of striving to build Dien Bien district to develop more comprehensively and sustainably; In the coming time, Party committees and authorities at all levels will continue to direct the implementation of planning and planning management, land management and construction order. Improve the business environment, promote investment attraction, especially investment in infrastructure projects, eco-tourism areas, amusement parks; speeding up the implementation of projects with investment guidelines in order to soon put the works into use, ensuring the socio-economic development goals of the locality.

Source: Dien Bien Phu Online