Nam Po has gradually developed socio-economic sustainability

Update 06 - 11 - 2020

Nam Po district was established in 2012 on the basis of separating some of communes of Muong Nhe district and Muong Cha district. It is a mountainous border district, located in the northwest of Dien Bien province, about 140 km from Dien Bien Phu city.

The district has the area of ​​149,559,12 hectares, has a national border of 119.7 km long, has 2 sub-border gates. The East borders on Muong Cha district; The West borders Muong Nhe district and Laos; The South borders on the Laos; The North borders Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province. The population is over 50,000 people, the district has 15 administrative units at the commune level.

Being a mountainous border district, especially in terms of poor socio-economic infrastructure, underdeveloped economy, natural disasters, epidemics, and climate change have had a negative impact on production activities and life of the People.

Although at a low starting point, the Party Committee, authorities and people of Nam Po district have brought into play the strength of the entire political system, concentrated efforts, overcome difficulties, overcame challenges, and mobilized resources, synchronous implementation of solutions for economic, political and social development. The total production value at actual prices is estimated to reach 990.56 billion VND in 2020, per capita income is 16.12 million VND / person / year.

The district's work of calling for and attracting investment is focused; encourage and create conditions for businesses to invest in the locality. Total investment and development cost in the period 2015-2020 is estimated at 2,293 billion VND. The district also invests in developing key economic regions to attract investments with relatively large investment levels. In addition, the district also supports economic sectors to create conditions for businesses and cooperatives to develop.

In the coming time, the district will focus on development: the national target program on sustainable poverty reduction and new rural construction; Scheme on building new countryside in border communes; Socio-economic development master plan for ethnic minority and mountainous areas in the period 2021-2030 and regional development target programs. Besides, the projects bring economic efficiency to generate tax revenue of the district such as: Nam Po 5a Hydropower, Nam Khan commune; Nam Po hydropower 5b, Nam Khan commune; Phi Linh hydroelectricity Si Pa Phin commune; Nam Po 3 hydropower plant, Cha Cang commune; Nam Po Hotel. Infrastructure construction projects: Na Hy road - District center; Cha Cang - District center; Na Khoa - Nam Nhu; Na Khoa - Na Co Sa; Na Hy - Nam Chua; Ground leveling, roads and urban drainage system in the district center; office of District Party Committee - People's Council - Nam Po People's Committee; Central Primary School of Nam Po District; Junior High School of Nam Po district; Conference Center Nam Po district.../.